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Carlo Dondo, l'inventore

eing an inventor is not a job but a state of mind, an obsession that gets into your bloodstream as a child and that Carlo Dondo soon learnt to recognise and take advantage of amid the one thousand and one necessities and surprises of everyday life, finding in Switzerland a more receptive and productive base than in Italy, which he left when he was just sixteen years old.

Switzerland was the first nation to officially recognise his inventive genius: in 1984 he won two medals, the bronze one at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and the silver one at the Brussels World Exhibition of Innovation for Plac-Fix, a magnetized device used to attach test plates, the licence plates that mechanics, police and car show rooms are obliged to affix to cars when they drive on the road for testing or otherwise.

The idea for the drop bar mirrors came from a traumatic experience of Carlo Dondo. Two serious accidents on his tailor made racing bike. Two accidents which could have been avoided if only he hadn’t had to turn around to check the traffic behind him. His innate passion for bicycles urged him to find a solution suitable for all racing bicycle enthusiasts.

Far from being a "pure" inventor, Carlo Dondo oversees the distribution of his inventions in first person by managing the manufacturing, production and sales. The licence plate device was already a consolidated business at the end of the last millennium, so much so that a few years after selling this business to a third party he still gets a considerable economic return which allows him to focus on and improve every aspect (logistic and commercial) of the product range that embody his entrepreneurial philosophy: the Sprintech® Racing drop bar mirror for racing bicycles and the Sprintech® City for MTB. Just as had happened for the licence plate device, when the drop bar mirrors were presented at the Innovation Exhibition in Martigny in Switzerland 1996 they won the second prize for Innovation and the gold medal at the Brussels International Exhibition in 2012.

Today the Sprintech® drop bar mirrors are sold in all five continents, particularly in countries where road safety is indispensable: The United States and Canada in particular have valued the superior quality of these products for more than a decade, which comes from a conceptually simple project, but designed with attention to detail, strength and ergonomics which make them immediately recognisable compared to numerous imitations.


carlo dondo stand eicma 2005

Quality does not only concern the final product, but also the manufacturing process: all suppliers of our components are located in Europe, which means that they follow European manufacturing standards also in terms of environmental impact and worker protection regulations. Moreover, they can be reached in less than 4 hours of road trip with our own vehicles, thus avoiding any problems with ships, aircrafts or freight forwarders.

Resting on his laurels? Nothing is further from Carlo Dondo's philosophy, so in 2019 the new Sprintech® Compact sees the light. The goal is to equip pedal-assisted bicycles, which allows a brisk pace even if you are not a sports cyclist, with larger mirrors that are completely comparable with those approved for motorcycles, but which are at the same time light and leave the width of the handlebar virtually unchanged, thus avoiding adding side space that can disturb riding through the traffic.





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